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Great fun teaching at Quilting at the Lake!

Quilting at the Lake in Lake Havasu City, Arizona January 2015 Traveling to Quilting at the Lakes bright and early in the morning from Raleigh Durham direct to Las Vegas.    I had to be at the airport at 5am and once in Las Vegas the trip really started when I took a 3 hour shuttle ride to  Lake Havasu City. It made for a very long day.  A special treat was the view out of my airplane window.  Flying over the snow covered mountains was spectacular. I was excited to be part of the faculty of this year's Quilting at the Lake event and was teaching two classes; a variation of Tulip Dance and the Dance of the Dragonflies. It was fun to introduce my dimensional curves to a great bunch of ladies, many of them had traveled from far away to be part of this quilting retreat.  The classes were busy and students got a lot accomplished during class.  As usual I marvel at how my designs change with all the different fabric choices I get to see.  Everyone has their o