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Quilting the Victorian Table Runner: Guestpost by Kari Schell from On Point Quilter

Hi Everyone,

I would like to introduce you to Kari Schell, On Point Quilter, a fellow quilt designer and teacher who has posted a great tutorial on how to quilt the Victorian Table Runner her blog: 

On Point Quilter

So here it is in Kari's words:

Quilting a Victorian Table Runner

Guest Blog Post by Kari Schell from On Point Quilter.

Years ago saw a Victorian Table Runner at Quilted Treasures in Rogers and immediately needed to buy the pattern and make the quilt.  I don't remember who the recipient of the gifted table runner was. But the table runner remains a favorite of mine.

Fast forward to a week ago... a customer brought me her Victorian Table Runner.  She wanted something "custom".

This table runner can present a bit of a challenge for long-arm quilters as problems can develop if you are not careful around the fold-back curves. Also - because of the nature of the fold back technique there can be some slight variation from unit to unit.

I spent some time in Art and S…

Alphabet Soup is Going Live tomorrow! - Express yourself with these fun letters.

Welcome to Southwind InspirationsInspiring Today's Quilters with Dimensional Curves
A whirlwind of creativity is swirling around as our brand-new program
A L P H A B E T   S O U P  is getting ready to launch.  Designed for all Quilt Lovers, it is sure to enrich your quilting experience.
An Alphabet for Quilt Lovers Are you getting excited?

Its getting closer, just a few more days before the kickoff of our brand-new program: 

A L P H A B E T   S O U P
If you haven't heard, ALPHABET SOUP is a super cool new Block-of-the-Week programdeveloped for the Southwind Inspiration Community and registration is open for a limited time only.  ALPHABET SOUP starts on Superbowl Sunday and this is how it works:

After you sign up, you will get a welcome letter with more details, then a fun letter pattern is delivered right into your email inbox every Sunday.  Something to look forward t…

Alphabet Soup - a new block-of-the-week.

Alphabet Soup !Big news:  This year I am rolling out a brand-new program called Alphabet Soup.

If you have been following me you know I like to play with letters and numbers and I have finally found the perfect way to publish and share those fun letters with you.

I developed this special program for the Southwind Inspiration Community and it is available for a limited time only.  Registration is open now until April 3rd.

After sewing out the entire alphabet I saw that I had actually developed two distinct fonts, I call them:
SouthwindGreek:  A font with straight linesSouthwindRoman:  A font with a curvy flair.  For even greater variety you can combine the two fonts and choose which letter you want straight, which to make curvy.  The varieties are endless and so is the fun of spelling out  words on your quilt. Just think of all the possibilities!

You will get:  26 letters, the numbers 0-9 and several secret bonus blocks (psst... one of them is the heart as seen in the Alphabet So…