Alphabet Soup - a new block-of-the-week.

Alphabet Soup !

Big news:  This year I am rolling out a brand-new program called Alphabet Soup.

If you have been following me you know I like to play with letters and numbers and I have finally found the perfect way to publish and share those fun letters with you.

I developed this special program for the Southwind Inspiration Community and it is available for a limited time only.  Registration is open now until April 3rd.

After sewing out the entire alphabet I saw that I had actually developed two distinct fonts, I call them:
  • SouthwindGreek:  A font with straight lines
  • SouthwindRoman:  A font with a curvy flair. 
For even greater variety you can combine the two fonts and choose which letter you want straight, which to make curvy.  The varieties are endless and so is the fun of spelling out  words on your quilt. Just think of all the possibilities!

You will get:  26 letters, the numbers 0-9 and several secret bonus blocks (psst... one of them is the heart as seen in the Alphabet Soup image).
That is a total of 80 patterns, which are delivered right to your inbox every Sunday for 40 weeks.  The program will start in February and continue as a super fun sew-along all the way into the beginning of November.

At the end of the program you will have all the blocks to make a fun alphabet quilt in two sizes and you are ready to spell anything you like.
Here are just a few of the many ideas: 
  • Add a baby's name to the top or bottom of a quilt, even include the birthday!
  • Make a table runner or banner with a special message: I ❤︎ QUILTS, LOVE 2 QUILT, or anything else you want say, simply spell it out on your quilt.
  • A Christmas or Holiday quilt with words like :  PEACE, JOY, HOPE, MERRY.
  • Spell LOL, BFF, OMG, or other fun texting acronyms to make a pillow for your favorite teenager.  Let them suggest something.
  • There are endless applications for these fun letters.  The sky is the limit.
My intention was to design a usable, affordable alphabet in two sizes; large and small, 4" and 8" letters (blocks are just slightly larger to frame letters). I am thrilled to be able to offer this program so everyone can add a message to their quilt, easily.
As an added bonus I am opening an Alphabet Soup Facebook group as a forum for sharing ideas and inspirational words using these letters.

You can sign up for Alphabet Soup for just $39.95, that is about 50 cents per pattern.

Click HERE to join the fun and dive right into the

Alphabet Soup!

Have Fun and Happy Quilting,

P.S.  Welcome to new subscribers! Please let me know if you have any questions!