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Alphabet Soup - a new block-of-the-week.

Just a few of the letters arranged on a backing of fabric featuring script fabric Alphabet Soup ! Big news:   This year I am rolling out a brand-new program called Alphabet Soup. If you have been following me you know I like to play with letters and numbers and I have finally found the perfect way to publish and share those fun letters with you. I developed this special program for the Southwind Inspiration Community and it is available for a limited time only.  Registration is open now until April 3rd.     After sewing out the entire alphabet I saw that I had actually developed two distinct fonts, I call them: SouthwindGreek :  A font with straight lines SouthwindRoman :  A font with a curvy flair.  For even greater variety you can combine the two fonts and choose which letter you want straight, which to make curvy.  The varieties are endless and so is the fun of spelling out  words on your quilt. Just think of all the possibilities! You will get:  2