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Quilting the Victorian Table Runner: Guestpost by Kari Schell from On Point Quilter

Hi Everyone, I would like to introduce you to Kari Schell, On Point Quilter, a fellow quilt designer and teacher who has posted a great tutorial on how to quilt the Victorian Table Runner her blog:  On Point Quilter So here it is in Kari's words: Quilting a Victorian Table Runner Guest Blog Post by Kari Schell from On Point Quilter. Years ago saw a Victorian Table Runner at Quilted Treasures in Rogers and immediately needed to buy the pattern and make the quilt.  I don't remember who the recipient of the gifted table runner was. But the table runner remains a favorite of mine. Fast forward to a week ago... a customer brought me her Victorian Table Runner.  She wanted something "custom".

This table runner can present a bit of a challenge for long-arm quilters as problems can develop if you are not careful around the fold-back curves. Also - because of the nature of the fold back technique there can be some slight variation from unit to unit.

I spent some time