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In the Wind

The Mystery Fabric Saga continues...... It’s already been a few weeks since I posted the start of my mystery fabric saga and of course my blog is progressing a bit slower than my sewing. Since the last blog post I have designed and developed several new dimensional curved patterns, often with the help of my encouraging students and friends, but finally here is part two of the Rolled Mystery Fabric Saga:  .......... the next roll I chose and unfurled revealed a cooler color palette. Initially I had no clear vision or idea as to what might become of this little rolled fabric treat. In that case the best way is often to just get started and see where the fabric will take me.   The beginning is easy: “ Tear or cut a few fabric strips between 1 ½ and 2” wide, then start pairing and sewing strips together and see what develops.”  Sounded like a good strategy to me and ...   Since purple is one of my favorite fabrics it is always a good way to start, curvy pieces are also fun! Just a