In the Wind

The Mystery Fabric Saga continues......

It’s already been a few weeks since I posted the start of my mystery fabric saga and of
course my blog is progressing a bit slower than my sewing.
Since the last blog post I have designed and developed several new dimensional
curved patterns, often with the help of my encouraging students and friends, but finally
here is part two of the Rolled Mystery Fabric Saga:

 .......... the next roll I chose and unfurled revealed a cooler color palette.
Initially I had no clear vision or idea as to what might become of this little rolled fabric treat.
In that case the best way is often to just get started and see where the fabric will take me.

The beginning is easy: “ Tear or cut a few fabric strips between 1 ½ and 2” wide, then start pairing and sewing strips together and see what develops.”  Sounded like a good strategy to me and ...


Since purple is one of my favorite fabrics it is always a good way to start, curvy pieces are also fun!
Just as soon as I let go of trying to control the outcome, things fell into place and ..... aided by a rare day of minimal disruptions, a little piece can develop from nothing to .....

...... well something.

Since I had some floating logs in the last piece, I thought a tree might be nice and I started cutting and piecing it into the background of my landscape.  What fun!
Things were still a little too orderly and straight for my taste, so I did some slicing and cutting...and after moving and repositioning some of the slices, things started looking better and better.... Last I created an uneven border frame with floating pieces.


Looking at this piece I saw a lot of movement and wind, so the name “In the Wind” emerged.  It is about 13" x 15" and just a little smaller than my last piece.

The strips I used to piece this quilt are relatively narrow so straight-line quilting in the ditch seemed
appropriate.  I used purple and green threads and extended the quilting lines well into the borders.  

Then the little piece was hanging on my design wall for a while.... while I was thinking on how to finish it........ 
To bind or not to bind - that seemed to be the pressing question.  

Today I decided on a rat tail binding, where rat tail or satin cording is zig-zagged around the quilt with matching thread and since I had no actual plan to use this type of binding beforehand, I ended up making three zig-zag passes around the quilt with turquoise thread to hide the blue-grey cording I used.
I hope you enjoy seeing this little fabric piece and will stay tuned for more fabric art fun.
and as always
Happy Quilting.  Annette


  1. Annette- love the quilt. And the process. And the border- what fun! Can't wait to see the next one!

  2. Thanks Kate. It has been adventure. I too can't wait to see what develops from the next fabric roll.


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