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Visit to West Houston with Mexican Stars

Just one short week ago I returned from a visit to the West Houston Quilt Guild .  I was happy to present my quilts at my Lecture and teach the Mexican Stars to the members the next day at Quiltworks , a quilt shop in Houston. After being picked up by my host Christine, I was amazed how much busier the traffic got driving west.  I usually fly into Hobby airport and then drive straight to quilt market, which is located downtown Houston.  This time I was traveling in a different direction and the roads we snaking under and over us, like being caught in a giant bowl of spaghetti.  Thankfully I was not driving.  :) It is always a pleasure to meet and talk with other quilters, and it was fun to go to dinner and socialize before the lecture.  Here are some photos from my Mexican Stars workshop.  Look at how different the Mexican Stars are with different fabrics. So great to see them all. I so am happy to see that so many Mexican Stars were almost fi

Quilt Market Musings

It's hard to believe Quilt Market is over, I am still sorting through all brochures and paperwork.  Yesterday was my first chance to open the suitcases I took to market and actually got them repacked for my next venture.  I am flying back to Houston to teach mid month. I did want to share some of the quilts I saw at the show.  This time we took some time to walk through the exhibit and it is always awe inspiring to see all the beautiful quilts on display! I have attached just a few of the images I saw.  Stunning!  Enjoy!

Clearing older fabrics to start a New Year of Sewing

 Happy New Year Everyone! This is my first blog post for 2017 -- and it is appropriately dealing with fabric and sewing room organization. After the holidays are over, my focus shifts to organizing and preparing for the next year and in my case sewing or more accurately my quilting year.  I try to time block my travel and pattern writing activities and get prepared for all the fun and also challenges the new year will bring. The first thing I noticed this year that my level of distraction was super high. I am starting to realize that it is getting harder and harder for me to focus over the "low murmur" of my sewing clutter, usually left overs from previous projects.  - OK sometimes it sounds more like a scream :) Yes, these left over fabrics and tools from past projects seem to produce some type of noise that keeps me from focusing on what I would like to or should be doing. To get rid of some of this "visual noise" I started bagging my leftover bit