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Last day at Market

Last day of Market is always a bit slower - a perfect time to see the quilts 

At Quilt Market

Hi everyone- I can’t believe I already finished day 2 of Quilt Market. Time flies when you’re having fun. We met a lot of shop owners and industry professionals in the last two days and I’m glad I have a list to keep things straight. Here is a short trip through Market with some booth pictures. Mike in our Southwind Booth  Seams like a dream - Kate Colleran Booth Around the bobbin booth  Twisted sisters booth  Stof fabric booth  Tula pink booth 

It gets crazy at Sample Spree

And at the end of a crazy day - Sample Spree! Set up was easy since we prepared our suitcase. All set up so quickly  Now playing the waiting game till it opens  Our neighbor Cantik Batiks Crazy start - people are running. A taste of one of our new patterns Tequila Sunrise!

Set up Day 2

We were under the impression we were about done with set up, but as it got later in the day it became clear that there was still a lot to do ! I don’t have my pattern spinner this time so we are hanging and organizing our patterns on a self made grid tower (which we professionally built with many many zip ties) Not bad all things considered.  We also did a little game switching Quilts - it wasn’t as much fun as musical chairs, but reminded me a little of that game since there was always one left over quilt looking for a spot.  It is so hard to choose favorites between your quilt babies - lol :/  We also got the big purple suitcase loaded and ready to roll to sample spree where I have table 28.  Another set up of sorts for selling sample quilt-lets with pattern packs.  I did not sign up for schoolhouse this time so we took a stroll to the power and light district of Kansas City.  It was so windy too! Do you know they stop serving lunch at 2pm in restaurants

Set up Day - always more work than we think

After waiting in line for about two hours we finally drove into the loading dock or more accurately the unloading area. Now we just had to get our stuff inside. Right away it became clear that bungee cords would have been a big bonus! Our stuff was slipping and sliding and we had to maneuver carefully around the frequent potholes to avoid triggering an avalanche.  Unfortunately our booth is located clear at the other end of the convention center 😟 who needs a gym?.  After lugging 5 loads of stuff to the booth we got our exercise for the day. It’s always a big mess to start ....  Then ... Floor - Drapes - Signs - lights ... about in that order -  a good start  And finally Quilts Ta Daa - no guarantees this won’t change again tomorrow - still have to build something to display pillows. Finally enough for today - we will pick it back up tomorrow ... 

At the convention center

In line to unload for almost two hours now - the joys of exhibiting- behind the scenes 😕 Only one dock open for POVs ..... this could take a while 

Over the mountains and across the fields

Another day of travel and we are almost there.  I have to admit, driving up and down the steep, winding roads in Tennessee was no pick nick. Winding ways popped into mind and I started seeing quilt blocks and quilty possibilities everywhere. From winding ways we went to the vast sky’s and straight roads of Kentucky, Illinois and finally Missouri.  We crossed a free interesting bridges, one particularly interesting - a flying geese bridge ! How fun is that. Also interesting the Arc in St Louis The bridge over the mighty Mississippi  And the next bridge over the Missouri- a little less impressive, but still very cool! Tomorrow on to Kansas City and set up! Stay tuned for more photos from market ... 

As You Wish - a pattern story

One of my latest patterns features a curvy star design.  It is a favorite of mine and I have been playing with this star for a while in different sizes even mini. But what brought it all together and completely changed the design was the addition of a ribbon block.  This ribbon can be used to convey a subtle message.  It’s color representing a cause dear to the heart of the quilt maker and possibly the recipient.  Alternately the ribbon can be signed for a unique signature quilt/ just ... As You Wish  Here are the light and dark versions during my backyard photo shoot ! What a difference color will make!  Let me know which one you like better 😊 I’m looking forward to teaching this quilt as a worshop this summer.

Traveling to Kansas City Quilt Market

This is our second day on the road to Quilt Market Kansas City and I’m trying to learn and use this app that lets me post to my blog. So far so good. Our van is packed to the top ! And we got a later than anticipated start taking care of all the last minute stuff. The roads through the mountains have been curvy and steep, both up and down with lots of stops and road closures. No way to type and not get carsick :) Mike is doing all the driving and I’m glad for it. We are hoping to get past St Louis today than it’s just a few more hours in the morning and we can start set up at Market.  That is the plan anyway.