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Tips for Curving Small Curves on the Turtle Tots

My dimensional curves can be made with the smallest pieces:  For example on the turtle Tots Pattern there are several curves made from 1" folded squares and there is a little trick to make these curves trouble free. Turtle Tots Use a glue-pen as shown in the picture.  I also use a cardboard square to keep the glue on the little triangle only.  Put just a little glue on the folded edge of the folded triangle and then place your finger in the "pocket" and  lift up the folded triangle, fold it back, press and hold it in place for a few seconds to make the glue stick firmly.  Repeat for all small curves.  Use a glue-pen to position and keep the glue just where I need it. Use a cardboard piece and slip it into the pocket of the small folded triangle Lift up the folded triangle and peel it back on itself. After one curve is glued back, position cardboard and glue on the next one Firmly press on the fo

Quilt Borders: How to sew borders to your quilt

Borders have many different functions in quilting First and foremost borders are designed to enhance the quilt.  They often create a balance to the quilt design and help showcase and enhance the quilt blocks.  For many quilters borders are there to make their quilt larger.  This is also true, but the size of the border should not overwhelm the quilt design. In my quilt designs I use a variety of borders.  Many times I use straight borders, often multiple borders to frame my quilts and make the colors pop.  This was my intention for my latest quilt:  The bear quilt.  There is a certain art to sewing on straight cut borders, especially to larger quilts.   We never stop learning and I learned recently that staying up late at night, sewing on multiple borders in a limited space and low light is a bad combination.  The result:  My borders were too dark, not as straight as I wanted and of all things in the wrong order.  What was I thinking?? - or was I sleep-sewing?? I ha

Introducing our new combo pattern: WHALE WATCHING.... & JUST WAVES

WHALES.... OR JUST WAVES - the choice is yours This is a perfect pattern for quilters new to this fun technique.  The whale block is super fun and fits together like a puzzle.  In my travels I often get asked about my curvy borders.  This inspired me to use the wavy borders in " Whale Watching " to design a fun and modern bonus quilt:  " Just Waves " . The whales offer so many possibilities: One single whale block makes a great pillow.  Combine several whales for a modern table scape.  Whale Watching on Purple background, using Island Batik fabrics. Alternate setting:  Just Waves with purple background and fabrics from Island Batik. This quilt is easy to make bigger.  The curvy waves are made using larger pieces and are super-easy, fast and fun to piece.  I quilted the purple quilts myself using just curvy lines made with my walking foot and different color threads.  It was just fun and relaxing to play and quilt these.   Whale Watching on Be

Mariposa - means Butterfly

Mariposa . . .  means Butterfly and seemes like the perfect name for one of my new creations! This is one of the eight Butterflies, using a coordinating blue batik and blue batik print Another Butterfly using a coordinating gold batiks  First, make the half square triangles for the two-tone wings   Cut them apart and press seams open A neat stack of butterfly wings - almost ready. Using this nifty pressing bar makes pressing super easy. The wings are designed to be a bit over-sized and are easily cut down to the correct size.   Use a square ruler with a diagonal center line to make this even easier.  Ta Daaa - all cut and ready! Mariposa Sneak Peek Here are the Butterflies - there are a total of eight in the large quilt and four in the table runner.  I am putting the finishing touches on the pattern so it is ready for release by May 2015   Hope you enjoyed this picture presentation.  Stay tuned for more up

Great fun teaching at Quilting at the Lake!

Quilting at the Lake in Lake Havasu City, Arizona January 2015 Traveling to Quilting at the Lakes bright and early in the morning from Raleigh Durham direct to Las Vegas.    I had to be at the airport at 5am and once in Las Vegas the trip really started when I took a 3 hour shuttle ride to  Lake Havasu City. It made for a very long day.  A special treat was the view out of my airplane window.  Flying over the snow covered mountains was spectacular. I was excited to be part of the faculty of this year's Quilting at the Lake event and was teaching two classes; a variation of Tulip Dance and the Dance of the Dragonflies. It was fun to introduce my dimensional curves to a great bunch of ladies, many of them had traveled from far away to be part of this quilting retreat.  The classes were busy and students got a lot accomplished during class.  As usual I marvel at how my designs change with all the different fabric choices I get to see.  Everyone has their o