Mariposa - means Butterfly

Mariposa . . . 

means Butterfly and seemes like the perfect name for one of my new creations!

This is one of the eight Butterflies, using a coordinating blue batik and blue batik print

Another Butterfly using a coordinating gold batiks

 First, make the half square triangles for the two-tone wings

Cut them apart and press seams open

A neat stack of butterfly wings - almost ready.

Using this nifty pressing bar makes pressing super easy.

The wings are designed to be a bit over-sized and are easily cut down to the correct size.  

Use a square ruler with a diagonal center line to make this even easier.
 Ta Daaa - all cut and ready!

Mariposa Sneak Peek

Here are the Butterflies - there are a total of eight in the large quilt and four in the table runner.  I am putting the finishing touches on the pattern so it is ready for release by May 2015


Hope you enjoyed this picture presentation.  Stay tuned for more upcoming patterns.


  1. Nice butterflies and fun pattern!

    1. Thank you!
      I am glad you like them. They are scheduled to be released this Spring - NLT May. I'll post about it on my Facebook page and in my newsletter

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Janine and it its so much easier than many quilters think :)

  3. Informative piece . For what it's worth , if people wants to merge two images , my secretary discovered a service here


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