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Tips for Curving Small Curves on the Turtle Tots

My dimensional curves can be made with the smallest pieces:  For example on the turtle Tots Pattern there are several curves made from 1" folded squares and there is a little trick to make these curves trouble free.

Use a glue-pen as shown in the picture.  I also use a cardboard square to keep the glue on the little triangle only.  Put just a little glue on the folded edge of the folded triangle and then place your finger in the "pocket" and  lift up the folded triangle, fold it back, press and hold it in place for a few seconds to make the glue stick firmly.  Repeat for all small curves. 

Not all curves need to be glued.  In fact, it is just as easy to smooth larger curves back while top-stitching them.  A stiletto is very helpful for top-stitching any size curve, and essential for stitching small curves, when fingers are too big to hold the fold in place.  Use a foot that allows visibility of the needle and always use a sharp Quilting needle to top-stitch throu…