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Dimensional Curved Heart

Working with Gelato Ombre Fabrics

The Lovely Lotus block with light and dark backgrounds Working with Ombre Fabrics is a bit different, but tons of fun - the ombre fabrics I used are Gelato by Maywood Studios and they run from dark at the selvedges to light back to dark. Initially, when I created this lotus designs, I started out using separate light, medium and dark fabrics, however, once I saw these vibrant gelato fabrics I wanted to find a way to use them in my design.   Each lotus blossom is made from just one of these gelato ombre fabrics, using the variation within each fabric as the light, medium or dark part of the flower .(The original light, medium and dark option will also be described in the pattern). Ombre fabrics are not all the same and the technique I developed for my new lotus quilt works best with gelato ombre where the color changes from dark at the selvages to light in the center and back to dark at the other selvages. You can combine these vibrant ombre fabrics with both dar