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Alphabet Soup is Going Live tomorrow! - Express yourself with these fun letters.

Welcome to Southwind Inspirations

Inspiring Today's Quilters with Dimensional Curves

A whirlwind of creativity is swirling around as our brand-new program
A L P H A B E T   S O U P  is getting ready to launch.  Designed for all Quilt Lovers, it is sure to enrich your quilting experience.
dimensional curved piecing patterns
Are you getting excited?

Its getting closer, just a few more days before the kickoff of our brand-new program: 

A L P H A B E T   S O U P

If you haven't heard, ALPHABET SOUP is a super cool new Block-of-the-Week program developed for the Southwind Inspiration Community and registration is open for a limited time only.  ALPHABET SOUP starts on Superbowl Sunday and this is how it works:

After you sign up, you will get a welcome letter with more details, then a fun letter pattern is delivered right into your email inbox every Sunday.  Something to look forward to just like the Sunday paper.  Make sure that is in your address book, so your email is not diverted.

These letters are not just ordinary quilt blocks, they are a great way to express yourself and say whatever you want right on your quilt!

You will want to collect all the letters and numbers.  Spell out a name, birthday or special message.  Two sizes of letters give you flexibility to spell smaller in the border, or make an entire quilt using large letters.  Just take a look at the cute Alphabet Quilt below, or see more ideas in the sidebar!

You can sign up for
ALPHABET SOUP  for the introductory price of just $39.95, that is about 50 cents per pattern.

Register Here!
This is your opportunity to be part of the fun!  Feel free to share this newsletter with your quilting friends, there is a convenient forward button at the top of the email.

I have started a special ALPHABET SOUP Facebook Group, which will go live on Sunday and I will post the link to it in the first mailing.  This group is a forum to share and discuss projects made with these fun letters and even more alphabet examples, so the more participants the more fun we will have.

If you have signed up already - thank you! Your first letter pattern will come to your inbox this coming Sunday along with a link to participate in the Facebook Group if desired.

Collect all the Letters to Play and Create your Personal Messages!

Happy Quilting,

Click HERE to join the fun and dive right into the

Quilt Patterns


Southwind Designs
Hope to see some of you on a future Teaching Trip!



























and many more

Dimensional Curves are so easy and fun!

Dimensional Curves may look complex, but they are fun and best of all stress-free to sew. Even the smallest curves can be made easily using this technique.
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