Grape Jelly from my Garden!

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Grape Jelly from my Garden!

Summer is a time of exploration.  I always look forward to some extra design and quilting time to create new patterns and finish some of my many waiting projects.
Sometimes I get overrun by other events such as things growing in my garden.

A few years ago I received a concord grapevine from my dear friend, Louise.  I planted it along my fence and waited patiently for something more than leaves to grow.  Nothing happened the first year and I heard that concord vines don't grow well in North Carolina, the land of the scupper-not grapes.  I added another concord grape vine to move things along.
Finally, this spring - much to my surprise - I saw tiny little flowers emerging from below the dense leaves.  The flowers turned into small grapes and finally turned a luscious purple color.  Since I only have two grapevines and the grapes took their time ripening, I collected as many purple grapes as possible in a colander each day and stored them in my fridge for up to a week until I had enough to make grape juice.  I repeated this twice and felt like a lucky lady to get two "cookings" from my rich, beautiful grape juice.

It was so much fun making the grape jelly.  I learned how to make it from Louise, of course. She definitely started something and has forever spoiled me for all store bought grape jellies, especially now that I know how easy it is to make my own. I do love making my own jelly, the picking, the smell and lining up all those jars filled with delicious jelly.  I feel happy and strangely accomplished when I spread this jelly on my bread and my neighbors are happy too, since sharing the jelly is half the fun.

I have to say I do love my garden. In busy times it can get a bit neglected and wild and on rare occasions I just go there to relax,  but it always provides me with inspiration and lots of quilting ideas.
The frogs below "happened" when a whole clan of frogs moved into our pond.  They were constantly on my mind because of all the noise they made.  No wonder they are called a chorus.  I had no choice but to make the Feeling Froggy quilt, just to give my mind a rest.