To Yellowstone and Beyond - I - Bear Cubs, Snake River Float and a little Hiking in the Grand Tetons

of Bear Cubs, Snake River Float and a little Hiking in the Grand Tetons

continuation of my September Newsletter!

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Traveling for fun is a special treat!

Especially for a traveling teacher.  It is true - I seem to be traveling more than ever, but this trip had been a long time in the making and we planned and changed and planned for a long time. We had so much fun and it was very different traveling with my husband and going on an official vacation without care or obligations, an extra treat for both of us.
We had decided to spend our 25th anniversary traveling through the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone and so I booked 7 different hotel rooms and we logged roughly 1500 miles by car and another 600 on a rented Motorcycle.

Time flew by much too fast and we have been back a few weeks already.  It took all this time for me to catch up with everything around Southwind Designs and this is my first chance to write about our trip.

It all started with an early airplane flight to Salt Lake City, where we rented a car in the airport and started out on our trip north through Utah, Idaho and through the Mountains into Jackson, Wyoming our fist stop.

Here are some photos from our trip, feeding bear cubs in Rexburg, ID and floating down the snake river right along the Grand Tetons. Take a look at the beautiful land we traveled through.  An inspiration for many quilts to come.

Bear Country:  We drove our car through the park - safari style.  Instructions from the staff: Never stop and keep your windows rolled up at all times driving through the bear enclosure. 

Scratching an Itch
Bear cubs resting after their exhausting feeding

The Safari experience let us drive right in among the bears

Hiking around Jenny Lake was another adventure.  I had been training (walking) around here to get ready for hiking in the mountains, but of course nothing quite prepares you for hiking in high altitudes when you live at or near sea level.  It may have taken me a few more stops and extra time to hike up to the Hidden Falls at Jenny Lake but giving up was never an option.  Here are a few more pictures of our river float on the Snake River and hiking at Jenny Lake.  Bear Spray highly recommended which our hotel generously provided.

On the Snake River and looking at the Grand Tetons

Bald Eagle - resting and not inclined to take flight for my photograph

Mike enjoying the trip

Bear spray recommended

The hike around Jenny Lake

Another great quilting inspiration 

Looking at Jenny Lake from my inspiration point

Hidden Falls

Hope they found all these antlers - one of four corners around the Jackson Town Square