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Onward to Yellowstone!

Onward to Yellowstone!

Every curve in the road was another great vista and inspiration! So much to see and take in, so little time.
Next we were traveling from Jackson, Wyoming through the park to Belgrade, MT, where we stayed for several days and took trips from there to Virginia City, MT the Lewis and Clark Caverns and last not least embarked on our Motorcycle trip over the Bear-tooth Pass.

Making our way from the Grand Tetons to Yellowstone and stopped to take photos of these
Spectacular Mountains!

A River runs through it -
everywhere or most everywhere we went.

Old Faithful!

we waited just under half an hour to see this spectacular geyser eruption and it was so worth the wait!

 The Great Prism Basin

The colors are so vibrant - and hot - steam is wafting up and micro-organisms are making rust colored  carpets along the edges of the pools.

Mammoth Falls

Spectacular how large these Falls are.  No water that I could see.  It felt like a cave popped to the outer side of a mountain.

Our ride to Viriginia City, MT 
  (...a fun to visit ghost town)
got a little wet, when we were surprised by unexpected hail.

It covered the streets and the boardwalk outside of the shops, but thankfully the weather changed quickly and we had rain gear to drive back to our "base camp" in Belgrade.

First Bison Burgers at Virginia City, where we also took the opportunity to ride on an old Stage coach.  Four of us where on the inside where they used to squeeze in 9 passengers, petticoats and all.
I am thankful I for pants and our Motorcyle.


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