Rolled Mystery Fabric

Every so often it is fun to have a Challenge!
It wakes up the creative juices and makes you think outside the box.

At the beginning of summer I had the pleasure of teaching at the North Carolina Quilt Symposium here in Fayetteville NC.  Part of the symposium was a quilt show and of course vendors.  You can probably imagine that much of the little spare time I had was spent looking at quilts and shopping and chatting with quilting friends and shopping.  On one these excursions I discovered some curious batik fabric remnants.
The remnants were packaged in an enticing roll and I couldn’t wait to take a little peak inside one of the rolls. About 7 small strips of fabric between 3 and 7 inches wide, approximately 1 yard total were in each bundle. -

These were curious little batik treasures - not big enough to make a large quilt, but not too little to make something fun. I bought a few rolls, but only opened one roll and picked out all the rest based on what I saw in the margins of the rolls.
An idea was born - a challenge. 

Make an art piece, landscape or abstract from each of the fabric rolls: 
I must use every one of the fabrics in each bundle.
No exceptions, no substitutions, no additions.
I don't have to use all of the fabric in the roll and there is no size limitation.

I opened the remaining rolls one by one in class one Monday morning after the event and my students and I had great fun just looking what could be made with each roll. 

One roll contained a variety of different reds - no contrasting fabric at all - so my Quilting Class tried to get me to change the rules and make an exception so I would have some contrast - but I decided the original rules should stand and I will have to work with what I have in each roll, even if it turns out looking like ....... 
..........we will see, I might have to save that one for last.

So......  Here is the first piece in the Rolled Mystery Series:

Floating Logs on a River

I made a Landscape, using every piece in the fabric roll.

My textured landscape technique is fun and easy to do and always a bit of a surprise, because not every little detail can be controlled in the creative process. 

It is liberating, fun and a great way to start your week.

I think I met my first challenge in the Rolled Mystery Fabric series.

The Mystery Fabric Saga will continue - so keep checking back in.

Happy Quilting.  Annette


  1. Great challenge to yourself. I don't see anything about not doing surface design to the fabric. You could paint, bleach, PaintStix or texture some of those reds!

    1. That is true. It might just give me the contrast I need. Initially I was planning on thread-painting to get more of a contrast, but there are definitely more possibilities and I like all of the ones you mentioned. Thanks Lisa.

  2. That is great that your mystery technique gives you a liberating feeling. I love creating and trying something new. Love the landscape.
    Welcome to the blog world.


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