Welcome to my blog!!

I was trying to come up with a special and creative way to bring my new blog into this world, but then after some reflection decided the creative and special way is to just get started. 

A short introduction may be in order for some of you.  I am a quilt designer, teacher, author and proud owner of my own company Southwind Designs, a pattern company with many diverse patterns on the market.  

My patterns use my dimensional curved piecing or Peeled-Back Patchwork techniques:  Straight-line Piecing with Curved Results! which is the title of my book as well.  One of my better known patterns is Mexican Stars and is still a favorite among many quilters.  

When I have a free moment I also like to create Textured Landscapes, a free-form landscape technique I came up with and have been teaching for as many years as I have been designing.

Even though I have been around the quilting block for a while I am just now entering the blog-o-sphere, so please bear with me as I learn and explore this new way of expression.

I sincerely hope you enjoy reading my blog.  I would love to inspire you to unleash your creativity and get started sewing, piecing and quilting!! Enjoy.  Happy Quilting Annette